[TREND] Top 15+ Gravity Falls Gifts for Fans this year!

Looking for the ultimate Falls gifts to surprise the fan in your life? Look no further, because Gearcustoms has curated the top 15 Gravity Falls gifts for this year that every devoted enthusiast would adore. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring a touch of the quirky, paranormal town to your loved one’s life.

List 15 Gravity Falls Gifts so amazing!

Gravity Falls ended 5 years ago. The show has nestled itself into the hearts of countless fans around the world, leaving them yearning for more adventures from the enigmatic town of Gravity Falls.

1. Tales of the Strange and Unexplained Book

The book for Gravity Fall fans
The book for Gravity Fall fans

This book not only revisits the mysterious world of Gravity Falls but does so through the eyes of one of its most cherished characters, making it an incredibly special and cherished gift.

As a dedicated Gravity Falls fan, I’ve handpicked a few standout items, including this must-have book, that I consider the ultimate gifts for fellow enthusiasts.

Dive back into the world of the supernatural, the mysterious, and the outright bizarre with this carefully curated list of Gravity Falls gifts that will reignite your love for the world of Gravity Falls.

2. Gravity Falls The Complete Series

gravity falls the complete series
Gravity Falls The Complete Series

Wait, you’re telling me your friend hasn’t watched Gravity Falls yet? How are you even friends?! Okay, okayβ€”While I may not have Mabel’s universal love for humanity, I’m willing to give your friend a second chance. But your friend deserves a shot at redemption, and I have just the thing: the complete series of Gravity Falls on DVD or Blu-ray.

Trust me, this will convert them into a full-fledged Gravity Falls Stan. And for those who already adore the series and miss the escapades of Mabel, Dipper, and the quirky residents of Gravity Falls, the complete set offers a perfect chance for a rewatch marathon.

No more waiting for the next episode! I’ve also curated a list of other Gravity Falls gifts that promise to keep the adventurous spirit alive for fans young and old. So, let’s dive back into the weird and wonderful world of Gravity Falls!

3. Dipper Funko Pop Figure

dipper funko pop figure for fans
Dipper Funko Pop Figure for fans

Let’s be realβ€”Dipper was the heart of Gravity Falls. Despite his nerdy tendencies and squeaky voice, there was something incredibly relatable about his earnest yet somewhat awkward attempts at maturity.

I get why he has a massive fan following. So, what’s the ultimate tribute to this iconic character? I’d argue it’s the Dipper Funko Pop figure. A perfect miniature of the would-be adventurer, this Funko Pop is an absolute must-have for any Dipper aficionado.

Looking for quintessential Gravity Falls memorabilia? You’re in luck. I’ve handpicked a selection of Gravity Falls gifts that promise to thrill fans from every generation, be they Team Dipper, Team Mabel, or aficionados of the many other colorful characters that make Gravity Falls so captivating.

4. Gravity Falls t-shirt

Special T shirts
Special T shirts

Last-minute gift shopping for a Gravity Falls fan? Been there, done that. That’s why I swear by this budget-friendly Gravity Falls tee. It has all the main characters and it’s a surefire hit for fans of all ages.

But why stop at just a tee? I’ve also gathered an assortment of Gravity Falls gifts that cater to various tastes and budgets, ensuring that you’ll find the ideal present for that special fan in your life.

5. Coloring Book for Kids

Ideal for younger fans or those who enjoy art and relaxation, this coloring book features outlines of Gravity Falls’ most iconic characters and scenes. It offers endless artistic fun while helping to improve hand-eye coordination.

6. Gravity Falls Journal 3

gravity falls journal 3
Gravity Falls Journal 3

This journal is a replica of the mysterious book that guides Dipper and Mabel through their summer adventures. Loaded with hidden details, background stories, and annotations straight from the show, it’s a deep dive into the enigmas that make Gravity Falls captivating.

7. Dipper’s Original Hat

Don the iconic blue and white pine tree hat that Dipper wears throughout the series. This high-quality, comfortable cap instantly makes you part of the adventure and is a must-have for any aspiring mystery solver.

8. Mabel Pines Funko Pop Figure

This vibrant Funko Pop figure encapsulates Mabel Pines’ bubbly personality, down to her radiant grin and iconic sweater. A great collectible for fans of Mabel’s whimsical and optimistic nature.

9. Bill Cipher Wheel Lighting Decor

This eye-catching light fixture features the Bill Cipher wheel, which holds keys to some of the show’s most profound mysteries. Perfect for setting a mystical mood in any room and a talking point for any Gravity Falls discussion.

10. Gravity Falls Sticker Set

As someone who’s enamored by the world of Gravity Falls, I’ve handpicked an unbeatable selection of Gravity Falls gifts you’ll love. Top on the list is this comprehensive set of stickers, which features all your favorite characters, motifs, and iconic symbols from the magical universe of Gravity Falls.

Whether you’re decorating your laptop, jazzing up your water bottle, or personalizing your notebooks, these stickers make a fabulous gift to flaunt your fandom. Dive back into the mystical world of Gravity Falls with these captivating stickers and other specially selected gift items.

11. Waddles the Pig Plush Doll

The adorable plush version of Mabel’s pet pig, Waddles, is perfect for cuddling or completing a Gravity Falls-themed room. It captures the charm and simplicity of one of the show’s most beloved characters.

12. Bill Cipher Funko Pop Figure

bill cipher funko pop figure
Bill Cipher Funko Pop Figure

This Funko Pop figure vividly embodies Gravity Falls’ elusive and tricky antagonist, Bill Cipher. Its intricate craftsmanship makes it essential for fans fascinated by the show’s more cryptic elements.

13. Waddles the Pig T-shirt

Featuring the lovable Waddles front and center, this t-shirt is an instant hit with fans of Mabel’s porcine friend. Made of comfortable, high-quality material, it’s suitable for everyday wear or special Gravity Falls viewing parties.

14. Bill Cipher Plush

Soft, cuddly, yet eerily accurate, this Bill Cipher plush toy is perfect for fans who can’t get enough of Gravity Falls’ quirky villain. Despite its soft exterior, it perfectly captures Bill Cipher’s unsettling aura.

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