Detail Guide Of Betty Boop Costume In Real For Sexy Girls

Betty Boop is a cartoon character created by Grim Natwick and Max Fleischer in the 1930s. She originally appeared in the “Talkartoon” and “Betty Boop” film series and quickly became a pop culture icon. This article from Gearcustoms will tell you all about Betty Boop Costume! Enjoy it!

What Does Betty Boop Look Like?

Betty Boop’s look is a captivating blend of childlike innocence and alluring sass. Her big eyes, playful smile, and curvy figure exude charm and charisma, while her trendy outfits and sassy attitude add a touch of edge. This unique combination is what makes her such an enduring and beloved icon.


  • Big, expressive eyes: Often black with long, fluttering lashes that accentuate her playful personality.
  • Button nose: Small and cute, adding to her childlike charm.
  • Wide smile: Always ready to flash a playful grin, showcasing her infectious cheerfulness.
  • High cheekbones: Defined and slightly sharp, adding a touch of sophistication to her youthful features.
betty boop in cartoon version
Betty Boop in cartoon version


  • Curvy figure: Betty is often depicted with a slim waist and accentuated hips, reflecting the fashion trends of the 1930s flapper era.
  • Short stature: Compared to most human characters, Betty is quite petite, further emphasizing her childlike innocence.
  • Long legs: Often showcased in short dresses or skirts, adding a touch of sensuality to her playful image.


  • Black as night: Her signature short, wavy hair, commonly styled in a bob or a pixie cut, frames her face beautifully.
  • Bangs: Often swept to the side, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to her expression.


  • Flapper style: Betty loves to rock the latest trends, typically sporting short dresses, cloche hats, and long gloves, all reminiscent of the roaring twenties.
  • Bold colors and patterns: She’s not afraid to embrace vibrant colors and playful prints, from polka dots to stripes, reflecting her fun-loving personality.
  • Accessories: Pearls, bangles, and statement earrings are her go-to pieces, adding a touch of glamor to her playful outfits.
betty boop costume in real life
Betty Boop costume in real life

Betty Boop Costume In Real Life

Red Dress:

Betty’s signature red dress is a must-have. Look for a sleeveless or spaghetti strap style with a flared skirt, ideally above knee-length.

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Black Wig: Betty’s short, wavy black hair is another key element. Choose a wig that’s comfortable and matches your hair color at the roots for a natural look.

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  • Red Heels: Pumps or Mary Jane shoes in red complete the outfit. Choose a heel height that you’re comfortable with.
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  • Pearl Necklace: A single strand of pearls adds a touch of glamour. You can find real or faux pearl necklaces at most jewelry stores or online.
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  • White Gloves: Optional, but fun! Short or elbow-length white gloves add a vintage touch.
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Hey there, fashion fan!  By now, you’ve likely shimmied through our Gearcustoms guide on Betty Boop costume, learning all the tricks to unleash your inner cartoon cutie. We hope you rock the look you love!  But wait, there’s more! Gearcustoms is your one-stop shop for costume inspo, featuring tons of articles on iconic characters. So, hit that “follow” button and get ready to dive into a world of dress-up magic!

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