100th Day Of School Costume Ideas For Kids, Adults, Teachers

Buckle up, kiddos and grown-ups, because the 100th day of school is fast approaching! And you know what that means? Time to break out the wildest, wackiest 100th day of school costumes this side of a crayon box explosion.

Whether you’re a tiny tot or a teacher trapped in an adult body, Gearcustoms have got costume ideas that’ll have the whole school buzzing. Picture Grandma and Grandpa versions of yourselves rocking wrinkled clothes and oversized glasses, or teachers transforming into their fave book characters. Talk about a mind-bending twist!

But hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve also got some sneaky, safe ways to turn even the smoothest heads into fluffy clouds of silver – no dye or potions required! So grab your glue sticks, cardboard boxes, and get ready to unleash your inner costume magician. This 100th day is gonna be EPIC (and maybe a little gray-haired, but hey, that’s part of the magic!).

Get ready to dive into a world of costume craziness where every kid can be a superhero, every teacher a mythical beast, and everyone, young and old, can join in the 100th-day-of-school shenanigans. So let’s go, costume warriors! It’s time to celebrate a hundred days of learning, laughter, and, of course, some seriously awesome outfits!

100th Day Of School Costume For Kid

100 Years Old Lady Costume For Girls

For the 100th day of school, little American girls get to dress up in all sorts of fun costumes! Some classic choices include adorable “100 days older” shirts, sassy teacher outfits complete with glasses and pointers, or even vibrant butterfly wings to symbolize learning how to fly.

But the most popular? That has to be the adorable old lady costume! With fluffy gray wigs, oversized glasses, and cute little purses, these little grannies steal the show with their timeless charm.

Here are some 100th day of school costume ideas for little girls:

Girl 100 Day Of School Little Old Lady

ebytop girls 100th day of school little old lady
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  • Kids Halloween Costume for Girls
  • Old Lady Grey Wig (with Wig Cap)
  • Old Lady Cardigan Sweater
  • Grandma Costume Dress
  • Old Lady Glasses with Beaded Chain
  • Granny Cane
  • Faux Pearl Beads Necklace
  • Knee High Stockings
  • Value Costume: Each Item Works Together or Separately for a Complete Look
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Old Lady 100 Day Of School For Kids

rubies girls little old lady child s costume
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About this item:

  • Includes: Dress, Sweater, Wig/Kerchief Headpiece
  • Black Dress with Floral Print
  • Purple Long Sleeve Cardigan with White Flat Collar
  • Grey Wig Headpiece with Pink Rollers and Leopard Print Kerchief Cover
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  • Based in the U.S.A. since 1950
  • Rubie’s offers classic and licensed costumes and accessories for your entire family in various sizes and styles.

100 Year Old Man Costume For Boys

For little boys on the 100th day, the costume world is just as diverse! Whimsical options like dapper scientists in lab coats and goggles, courageous knights with cardboard swords and shields, or even lovable bookworms carrying giant storybooks abound.

But boys also get to rock some hilarious choices, like grandpa get ups with suspenders and oversized glasses, or even mischievous construction workers with bright vests and toy toolboxes. Ultimately, it’s a day for boys to unleash their imaginations and celebrate hitting 100 days strong!

100th day of school costume for boys
100th day of school costume for boys

100th Day Of School Accessories

Accessories For Little Girls

  • Old Lady Chic: A fluffy gray wig, oversized glasses, a colorful scarf, and a cute little purse complete the classic granny look.
  • Teacher’s Pet: Glasses, a pointer, and a stack of pretend papers transform any girl into a dedicated educator.
  • Butterfly Beauty: Vibrant butterfly wings, sparkly antennae, and a face painted with whimsical designs make for a magical transformation.
  • Number Fun: Headbands or clips with the number “100” add a festive touch to any outfit.
  • DIY Flair: Ribbons, buttons, sequins, and felt can be used to create personalized decorations for shirts, bags, or hats.

Accessories For Little Boys

  • Grandpa Swag: Suspenders, a bowtie, a fake mustache, and a fedora hat create a hilarious old-timer persona.
  • Super Scientist: A lab coat, goggles, and beaker props make any boy a whiz in the scientific world.
  • Knightly Quest: A cardboard sword and shield, with maybe even a homemade chainmail costume, let boys channel their inner medieval hero.
  • Construction Crew: A bright vest, a toy toolbox, and a hard hat turn boys into mini construction workers ready to build something big.
  • Number Power: Temporary tattoos or stickers with the number “100” add a cool touch to any costume.

Adult 100th Day Of School Costume Ideas

Punny Play:

  • “100 Days Older” Teacher: Dress up as a teacher with a sarcastic twist. Wear a teacher’s outfit and accessorize with a sign that says “100 days older and no wiser” or “Finally made it to 100 days…nap time!”.
  • “100 Reasons to Celebrate” Librarian: Channel your inner bookworm with a librarian costume and carry a sign that lists 100 reasons to celebrate learning, reading, or school in general.
adults 100th day of costume ideas
Adults 100th day of costume ideas

Theme Time:

  • Decade Dress Up: Choose a specific decade from the past 100 years and go all out with the fashion! Think flappers from the 1920s, rockers from the 1980s, or even futuristic gear from the 2010s.
  • Career Day Flashback: Dust off your old high school yearbook and dress up as your childhood dream job. Astronaut, doctor, rockstar – the possibilities are endless!

Group Goals

  • 100 Dalmatians: Get a group of friends together and dress up as the iconic 101 Dalmatians! You can even assign numbers to each other’s costumes.
  • Human Number Chain: This one is perfect for a whole school staff! Each person wears a shirt with a large number on it, and you can line up in order to create a giant human number chain.
adults costume ideas
Adults costume ideas

100th Day Of School Costume For Teacher

Personalized Custom T – shirt For Teacher

teacher life witch halloween personalized sweatshirt

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  • Customized Product with Unique Design
  • Available Sizes: S-5XL
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Tearaway Label
  • Laundry Guide: Cold Hand Wash
  • Material: 100% Cotton, Ash: 99/1 Cotton/Poly
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Personalized Custom 100th Day Of School Leather Bag

teach love inspire leather bag

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  • Size: 11.6” x 8.3” x 4.3”
  • Color: Creamy White/Black
  • Printed on Both Sides
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Included Double Shoulder Straps, Strap Height: 12.6”
  • Package Included: 1x Leather Handbag

Personalized Custom Crocs For Teachers

personalized custom teach love inspire clogs shoes

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  • Lightweight, Flexible, and Durable
  • Ventilation Ports for Breathability
  • Slip-On Style for Easy On/Off
  • Roomy Fit with Heel Strap for Secure Wear
  • Versatile Design: Can be Worn as Flip-Flops or Sandals
  • Supportive Insoles for Extended Comfort
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  • Easy Cleaning with Soap and Water
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How To Make Hair Gray For 100th Day Of School For Little Girls

Here are some fun and harmless ways to make your little girl’s hair gray for the 100th day of school:

Temporary Hair Color Sprays:

  • Gray hairspray: This is the easiest and quickest option. There are many temporary hair sprays available in silver, gray, and even white shades. Look for ones specifically designed for kids, as they tend to be gentler on hair. Test the spray on a small strand of hair first to make sure it washes out easily. Spray evenly onto hair, focusing on the areas you want to make gray.
  • Colored hair mascara: Similar to hairspray, but in a mascara wand form, this allows for more targeted application and precision, especially for streaks or highlights.

Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo, especially tinted ones, can add a grayish cast to light-colored hair. Shake the bottle well and spray onto hair roots, then massage it in to distribute evenly. This will also add some volume and texture to the hair.


Eyeshadow or bronzer: For darker hair, use a light gray or silver eyeshadow or bronzer. Apply it directly to the hair strands, focusing on the ends or streaks for a more natural look.

Temporary Hair Powder:

Baby powder or cornstarch: These can be used to lighten hair, especially for lighter hair colors. Sprinkle some powder onto your hands and then massage it into the hair. Brush through to distribute evenly. Be careful not to use too much, as it can make the hair look clumpy.

Hair Chalks:

  • Hair chalks are temporary hair color sticks that come in various colors, including gray. They’re easy to use and wash out easily with shampoo. Simply wet the chalk tip and glide it onto dry hair strands.
  • Hairstyles:
  • Braids or pigtails: These hairstyles can help to trap the temporary hair color in the hair and create a more dramatic effect.

And just like that, folks, the 100th day of school fades into memory, leaving behind a trail of glitter, cardboard crowns, and enough laughter to fuel a rocket to the moon.

Whether you strutted your stuff as a hundred-year-old wizard or rocked a neon rainbow onesie, you were part of something special. A day where classrooms morphed into costume parades, imaginations ran wild, and learning (dare we say?) felt downright fun.

So as you peel off the fake mustaches and tuck away the superhero capes, remember, the fun doesn’t have to end. Keep that spark of creativity alive, carry that silly spirit with you, and let it color every day with a hint of 100th-day magic.

After all, who says learning can’t be a costume party? After all, isn’t every day a chance to dress up your world with a little imagination and a whole lot of laughter? So go forth, young and not-so-young adventurers, and keep the costume spirit alive!

The real magic, after all, isn’t in the glitter or the glue, but in the joy of learning, together, one colorful day at a time with your 100th day of school costume among various creative ideas of Gearcustoms. Let’s make every day the 100th day awesome!

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