Top 10 Best mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife

Pregnancy is an exciting time for both expecting moms and their partners. As her body changes and she prepares to welcome your new baby, Mother’s Day offers a special chance to celebrate your pregnant wife and show her how much you appreciate everything she’s going through to bring your child into the world. To help make shopping easier, Gearcustoms Store recommend top 10 best mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife.

Top 10 Best mothers day gifts for pregnant wife
Top 10 Best mothers day gifts for pregnant wife

The Importance of Celebrating Mother’s Day During Pregnancy

Recognizing the Transformation from Woman to Mother

Strengthening the Emotional Bond Between Spouses.

Offering Reassurance and Support During this Unique Phase

Top 10 Best mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife

Choosing a thoughtful, unique gift can be tricky when she’s expecting.

1. Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

A prenatal massage is the perfect way to help her relax and address any aches and pains. The right massage therapist will use techniques specifically for expectant moms to target areas like her back, hips, and feet. Consider booking a package of several massages so she can pamper herself throughout her pregnancy.

Pros: Relieves muscle tension and pain, reduces stress levels, boosts relaxation

Cons: Can be pricey, not all spas offer specialized prenatal massages

Opinion: This is an excellent gift that shows you care about her comfort and want to treat her to something nurturing and therapeutic. Massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and is safe during pregnancy when performed by a trained therapist.

2. Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot
Maternity Photoshoot

Capture gorgeous portraits of your glowing wife and document her pregnancy journey with a professional maternity photoshoot. Many studios offer special maternity packages that include your choice of indoor or outdoor settings, multiple outfit changes, edited digital images, and the option to purchase prints.

Pros: Preserves beautiful memories, boosts confidence, variety of locations/poses

Cons: Can feel awkward posing, not everyone enjoys having photos taken

Opinion: Stunning maternity photos make a wonderful keepsake gift. Schedule the session in her second or third trimester when her bump is nicely rounded. Make sure she feels beautiful and comfortable during the shoot.

3. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Journal
Pregnancy Journal

Writing down thoughts, milestones, and memories in a pregnancy journal is very meaningful. Consider gifting a high-quality journal specially designed for expectant moms to document their experience. Look for ones with writing prompts, checklists, and space for photos.

Pros: Great keepsake, helps process emotions/thoughts, fun to look back on

Cons: Takes time and effort to keep up with entries

Opinion: Pregnancy flies by so quickly. A journal is a fantastic way for your wife to capture this fleeting and amazing time in her life and your relationship. Pick a journal she’ll love using daily or weekly to record her journey.

4. Maternity Robe

Maternity Robe
Maternity Robe

A comfortable maternity robe is perfect for lounging and helping her feel relaxed as her body changes shape. Look for soft fabrics like cotton or bamboo in a flattering loose style with stretchy side panels and possibly a detachable belt to accommodate her growing bump.

Pros: Soft, stretchy, and breathable for comfort, adjustable fit, great for nursing after birth

Cons: Sizing can be tricky, robes may seem like an unexciting gift

Opinion: A luxurious yet practical robe is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift that she can enjoy throughout pregnancy and beyond. Choose her favorite color in a soft fabric. She’ll think of your thoughtfulness each time she puts it on.

5. Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga Classes
Prenatal Yoga Classes

Give the gift of yoga specifically designed for expectant mothers. Look for pregnancy yoga classes in your area or purchase a package of online classes she can follow at home. Yoga promotes strength, balance, and mind-body wellness during a time of big physical changes.

Pros: Safe, gentle exercise, builds strength for labor/delivery, connects mind and body

Cons: May be challenging for beginners, limited class schedule

Opinion: Prenatal yoga is an excellent idea to encourage movement and mindfulness. Make sure the instructor is experienced teaching expectant mothers. Your support will motivate her to carve out time for these beneficial classes.

6. Luxury Body Cream

Luxury Body Cream
Luxury Body Cream

Treat your pregnant wife to ultra-hydrating body creams and lotions to pamper her expanding and stretching skin. Look for high-end brands using natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and plant-based oils that are safe for pregnancy. Pick an indulgent scent she loves.

Pros: Hydrates and nourishes skin, soothing self-care ritual, makes skin feel soft

Cons: Expense, cream/lotion can feel messy

Opinion: Dry, itchy skin is a common annoyance during pregnancy. A lush body cream makes a luxurious, affordable gift that helps provide much-needed moisture and comfort exactly when her skin needs it most.

7. Custom Keepsake Necklace

Custom Keepsake Necklace
Custom Keepsake Necklace

Surprise your wife with a personalized necklace featuring your child’s name, birthstone, or engraved initials. Many sellers on Etsy offer customized necklaces with sweet details like baby footprints. She’ll treasure this thoughtful memento.

Pros: Sentimental and unique, variety of customization options

Cons: Can be delicate for everyday wear, take time to create

Opinion: A customized necklace with baby details is a special heirloom gift your pregnant wife can wear now and cherish forever. It shows how excited you are for your expanding family. Choose a classic and durable style.

8. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow
Pregnancy Pillow

Help your expectant wife get comfortable at night with an ergonomic pregnancy pillow. The best pillows mold to support her bump, back, hips and knees for side sleeping. Some even wrap all the way around for snuggling.

Pros: Provides cushioning and alignment for sleep comfort, remains useful postpartum for nursing

Cons: Can take up a lot of bed space, not one-size-fits-all

Opinion: A well-designed pregnancy pillow can be a lifesaver as growing bumps and aching hips disrupt sleep. Do some research to select the right shape and fill material according to her sleep position and body type. It’s a very practical gift!

9. Pedicure Gift Certificate

Pedicure Gift Certificate
Pedicure Gift Certificate

Treat your pregnant spouse to some serious foot pampering with a gift certificate for a pedicure. Look for a top-rated salon that takes special care of expectant moms. She’ll love soaking her sore feet in a massage chair and getting a polish change.

Pros: Helps her relax and unwind, more challenging to reach feet later in pregnancy, addresses foot swelling

Cons: Some ingredients in nail polish/remover could cause concern, can’t get pedicures very close to due date

Opinion: Feet bear the brunt of extra pregnancy weight. Schedule a pampering pedicure at a reputable salon using pregnancy-safe products to help her renew and energize. It’s a thoughtful way to show your appreciation.

10. Belly Casting Kit

Belly Casting Kit
Belly Casting Kit

Preserve the shape of your expecting wife’s gorgeous bump with an at-home belly casting kit. The kits include molding strips, plaster, decorating materials and instructions for capturing a 3D sculpture of her pregnant belly.

Pros: Unique memento of pregnancy, fun project to do together, finished cast makes meaningful art for nursery

Cons: Messy process, have to wait until she’s quite large for cast to turn out well

Opinion: A belly cast kit lets you take tangible memories of this special time in your lives into your child’s baby years and beyond. Schedule the casting for around 36 weeks for the best impression. Follow instructions closely so the cast turns out beautifully.


On Mother’s Day, celebrate your pregnant wife’s journey into motherhood with top 10 best mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife. Each of these options is sure to make her feel loved, cherished, and appreciated. Your gesture will show her that you recognize the strength and dedication she brings to this new chapter in your lives.

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